About Us

  • Since 2002, The Stump Man has been turning ugly stumps into useful mulch.

  • Most tree stump and landscaping companies don't want the expense and maintenance of dedicated stump grinding equipment. I contract for many of these companies.

  • Often times, the stump grinding cost is built into the cost of the tree removal estimate. Since I charge the homeowner the same rate as tree companies, you will save the markup by calling me directly.

  • I get satisfaction from being able to grind most stumps for less than an equipment rental daily fee, but my greatest satisfaction is being able to get out and meet new customers (and repeat customers) each day.

  • Getting rid of ugly stumps is something I love doing.

Words of Wisdom

It is better to say "This One Thing I Do" than to say "These Forty Things I Dabble In".

Washington Gladden - Pastor, 1836-1918